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About Us

Market Place Africa Ltd

Our Mission: To expose the vast reservoir of information, products and services on the African Continent, Making it very easy to connect Businesses and Customers.

Things You Should Know About EMESAY

Who we are
We are a team of African expatriate professionals with ties and commitments to the growth and promotion of business on the African continent

Founded through frustration.
Born from the lack of information, or lack of the vast array of opportunities, that the African continent has to offer.

Our Mandate
The mandate and guidelines for the development of the site were!

To create a vetted digital platform.
Allow African businesses to promote their products and services
Promote opportunities for investment.
Create a searchable website of African information for the world.
To create a simple digital platform for the hospitality industry,
To enable digital information, to be easily found and displayed.
Lastly, The Pronunciation

After the abbreviation of the original business name Market Search Africa (MSA). Finding a domain proved quite challenging, with nearly all domains being bought already, So we thought ‘out of the box’ and came up with EMESAY!

Pronounced ‘Emm Ess Ayy’


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